Everyone deserves the opportunity to make the most of their free time and live vibrantly. We’re here to foster a community that values making outdoor recreation accessible to everyone.

Why did we start ShareShed Adventure Guides?

For explorers:

Most explorers don't have the gear, network, or skill to get outside and embark on an adventure. Together we can play a role in providing access to local authentic adventures around the world.

For guides:

Many guides start guiding to get outside with the focus of doing what they love and sharing that passion with others. Worrying about payment processing, scheduling, accounting, legal, marketing and other administration tasks isn't what guides signed up for. We started ShareShed to take the tedious work off of the guides and provide more access to outdoor adventures.

How does ShareShed Adventure Guides work?

We're putting a ton of resources into building a gorgeous website and app to showcase unique adventures led by local guides. We take the administration work and empower the guides to get outside and get paid to do what they love.

What is ShareShed and ShareShed adventure guides?

ShareShed is creating a world of unlimited access to adventure with a website and app for people to connect with local adventure guides. We started with focusing on peer-to-peer outdoor gear renting but found that our users would much prefer a guide then just simply gear.

You can think of us as Airbnb or Uber for outdoor adventure guides. Although, with our model we only accept those who we believe are the best at what they do, and have the ability to best represent ShareShed and our values.

What are some examples of adventures I could be guiding?

Ideally, you will have creative adventure ideas of your own that you bring to the table. Our focus is on the unique adventures, we want our guides to take users on experiences that don't appear in magazines and that they can't find anywhere else. We want you to be creative, and have fun with it! Some examples include:

  • Hike to a remote Hot Springs for a dip.
  • Five course meal in a rainforest.
  • Hike to a backcountry cabin and play board games.
  • Highlining or Slacklining.
  • Stand up paddleboarding with a unique spin on it.
  • Whitewater Kayaking, or Rafting.
  • Scuba Dive to an underwater forest.

How do I make money?

You make an 80% commission on all transactions from your guided adventure.

How much money do I make?

This varies depending on the activity and participants. Usually our guides price low at first, to test their tour's demand and then raise the price. We can work with our guides individually to come up with a pricing structure that makes sense for them. For example, some tours run at $50 a person for up to 10-15 people.

How do I get paid?

We payout with PayPal or Stripe. We can also directly deposit the money into your bank account.

What if someone gets hurt? Who is liable?

We're currently working with insurance companies to provide all our guides with full liability insurance on all experiences and tours. Since this is currently in beta, we do not offer insurance. Guides are responsible to have their guests sign their own liability, indemnification, and waivers and the guides take full responsibility on all outcomes of the trip. That being said, we can help you develop a liability, indemnification, and waiver to use as your own, through some of our templates and resources.

What if someone doesn't show up?

Our guides set their own cancellation policy for their adventures. We do this because our guides have planned and prepared for a trip with a specific number of people. It isn't fair to our guides if the attendees don't show up without prior notice. Typically, it will look something like this: If they cancel within 24 hours, they receive 50% of their money back. If they cancel 72 hours prior or more, they get 100% of their money back. If they are a "no show" then they don't receive any money back.

How do the participants get a ride to the location?

We encourage our guides to offer rides or include shuttles into the tour cost. Transportation is offered by most guiding companies and we want to create a friction-less experience for our guests. We are happy to work with our guides to find transportation options for your area.

What are the expectations that ShareShed has of the guides?

  • Passion and creativity in everything you do.
  • Insight to unique local adventures.
  • Professionalism and guiding experience to help foster a safe yet adventurous culture.