Trust & Safety

ShareShed can only exist with strong trust and safety.

Our community means everything to us. The only way we can grow this movement is by coming together and trusting each other. We’ve created three main processes to ensure that we bring trust and safety to every transaction.

1. Verified identity

We offer multiple ways of verifying our members including all major social media networks and even government ID.

2. User reviews and five star rating system

For every transaction each user submits a five star rating and a review. The user who was loaned the gear also rates the quality of the item they borrowed.

3. $500 replacement guarantee

We have a tight knit community of people who believe outdoor recreation should be made accessible to everyone. We ask all borrowers to take responsibility for any unreasonable damages that take place to the gear of our community. If at anytime, a user doesn’t take responsibility of unreasonable damages or if an item is stolen, we replace up to $500 of damages/replacement costs. Not obligatory, but we believe it’s the right thing to do.

At any given moment you can report a user, email our team or text us. We’re here to co-create a movement with your help. Let’s continue to build a trustworthy movement towards unlimited access to adventure together.

Here's what our users say:

When four of us and two dogs decided to hike a wilderness trail that can only be accessed by canoe, the only issue was not having a canoe. After substantial Craigslist searching -- and contemplation of paying hundreds of dollars for a shoddy boat or the same for an over-priced corporate rental -- we luckily stumbled on ShareShed. Within minutes we had signed up online to borrow a canoe from Zac -- the cheerful and generous owner of the fine craft -- at the extremely reasonable rate of $20 per day. After a quick call to arrange logistics, we grabbed the canoe on the way out of town, and after a great few days in the mountains, returned it to Zac (receiving a full refund of our deposit). I truly cannot say enough about the users and the platform -- a really great idea and service, and more importantly, a wonderful community of generous people who are willing to share equipment. People who are happy to see others enjoy and benefit from gear that might otherwise be sitting in their garage. Five star experience -- highly recommended.